Art and the needle

In this section you will find 20 coolest and weirdest needle felted creations in modern times. You will praise the makers as because the concept behind each art and the amount of labor they have putt in will leave you flabbergasted. These are objects of collection and you will not let it go if you somehow manage to get hold of one. The color combination of each of these pieces of art is indeed fascinating and can be termed of as a collector’s item. It really amazing to find out, how real life figures are given shape just by using items like a needle.

Hine Mizushima’s My Heart Is Yours!
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Yoko Nomura’s Fractured Fairy Tales
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Kit Lane’s Strangeland

Hine Mizushima’s Giant Paramecium
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Kay Petal’s Celebrity Felt Alive

Friday Feltz’s Another Cup?
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